Becoming A Mother, Conceiving

What to say when getting pregnant is harder than it seems:

Wake up ovaries. For some having children is as easy as pie.  For others- not so much. Most of our lives us women try everything to not get pregnant and then when it comes time to getting pregnant it can be by far one of the hardest things to try to accomplish.  False test after false test after false test we slowly start to lose hopes of having that little bundle of joy. The winter baby we were shoot for turns into a spring baby and then maybe a summer baby, maybe a fall and repeat.  Meanwhile everyone that we’ve told that we were trying continues to start every conversation with “how’s the baby making coming along”. We’re cumming, but nothing is happening.

A fellow Mom Life OTR member:

My journey of trying to conceive took over a year.  I was emotional; I had so many different ways to tell my husband that we were expecting planned, only to have them be a reminder of how I couldn’t get pregnant.  We tried everything we could think of (with the help of google) from tracking my ovulation schedule to doing handstands afterwards.  Nothing was working.

We stopped trying. I went back to drinking my occasional glass of wine at night and the daily workout between the sheets slowed way down. I blew off my friend’s questions of “how’s trying going” with a reply of “eh if it happens it happens.”  After a while the questions stopped being asked which came as a relief.

It happened. We stopped trying and it happened.  It was our anniversary and we went all out like we were two college kids.  We ventured to Put In Bay to do the usual bar hopping and the boat rocked just right.

-Blessed Mom

Many of us have similar stories, or even stories that don’t end in conceiving a child.  Share your stories to educate others of the hardships and the beauties of having a baby.  During this time do we truly see that these little bundles of joys are the biggest blessing to ever receive.

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